Rags to Rags: An American-Style Poverty Wheel Spin Challenge for the Sims 4


  • Young Adult sim, any traits.
  • Your sim has parents and siblings and friends. Make them in CAS and spread them over the world if you are starting from a new save. Feel free to use as many cheats as you like in order to set up the world.
  • Start with $20,000.
  • Buy a large item worth $10,000 and keep it in the family inventory. This is designed to increase your bills.
  • Use the rest to build your house. Plan carefully, as you will not be able to renovate. It’s a rental.
  • If you have any money left over, delete it using the money cheat.


Making money:

  • You may only have part-time jobs. You may also do odd jobs. No other jobs are allowed.
  • You may not sell items through inventory or the catalog to make money, unless directed by the wheel.
  • You may not garden to make money. This includes the Money Tree.
  • You may not receive royalties unless directed by the wheel.
  • If you have City Living, you may sell items at the Flea Market. You may mark up the items 25%.
  • You may busk for tips.
  • It cost $350 to have a baby at the hospital.
  • If you move in another sim, the household may not keep any of that sim’s money. They must also quit any full time employment and take a part-time job.
  • If you have Seasons, you must purchase individual gifts for your sim’s family and friends on gift giving holidays.
  • If you have Seasons, you may set up a holiday at the beginning of spring called Tax Day. You, as a member of the working poor, will receive an Earned Income Tax Credit of $1000. If you do not have seasons, Tax Day comes every fourth Monday.
  • If you have a high charisma skill, you may use the social, “Ask for small loan.” You must pay it back on tax day.
  • If your sim is a kleptomaniac, you may sell the items they steal through the catalog, but you may only keep half the money.


Wheel Spin:

  • You will spin the wheel once a day. There are 100 options. Have a random number generator pick a number between 1 and 100.
  • If you have stolen an item, you must spin the wheel for every item you have stolen, whether you were successful or not.
  • If the wheel spin doesn’t apply to you, you lucked out! You can spin again if you want an extra challenge, but you don’t have to.
  • The wheel spin doesn’t stop self-directed play. You can have children, get married, and quit jobs, etc. because you choose to, not just because you were directed to by the wheel. But you must apply the wheel’s directives as soon as possible and to the best of your ability.


Wheel Spin Options:

  1. Congratulations, you’ve been evicted! Evict your sim from the manage worlds screen and move them to an empty lot.
  2. A pizza delivery person delivered a free pizza to your house. Hooray, free pizza! Order pizza and then pay your sim back.
  3. Everything is plum! Go dancing at the bar and spend $100 on drinks.
  4. Someone close to you has died because they were rationing their insulin. Use a cheat to make one of your sim’s friends die.
  5. You pick up an extra shift. Add $100.
  6. An unemployed friend has been kicked out of their family home and will stay with you for a week. They may not earn money. If they bring money, you may not keep it.
  7. You win a scratch-off! Add $200.
  8. You need new boots. Remove $50, and give your sim another outfit.
  9. Everything in your living room has been repossessed because you bought it at the shady Rent-To-Own store. Sell your living room set back to the catalog and delete the money you received for it.
  10. Go on a cheap date!
  11. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  12. Uh oh, you’re pregnant or have gotten someone pregnant. No matter the gender of your sim, the baby will be staying with you.
  13. Host a goaled event, your choice!
  14. Bank error in your their favor. Remove $50.
  15. You must pay for Plan B. Remove $50.
  16. Indulge in either drinking or bubbling.
  17. You have an unexpected dental bill. Remove $100.
  18. You have some money in your medical savings account. Get one bottle of medicine for the next time your sim is sick, and then pay your sim back.
  19. Your landlord increased the rent! Cheat to purchase a $5,000 decorative item to keep in your household inventory.
  20. Your child is doing terribly in school. Have your sim’s child slack off for the next three school days.
  21. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  22. You spent all night driving for Uber. Add $200, but but your sim is not allowed to sleep until the next day.
  23. A family member has decided to help you out! Add $200, and then have your sim spend time with a family member.
  24. Your friend or family member got arrested and wants you to pay bail. If you choose to pay their bail, remove $200. If you choose not to, make the friend or family member your sim’s enemy.
  25. If you have a home, your sibling’s child stays with you for a week. Your sibling provides $300 for their care.
  26. One of your parents has died and they did not have insurance. Use cheats to kill the parent sim, and then remove $300 for cremation costs.
  27. Take a younger family member to the park.
  28. You cannot afford a haircut. Take your sim into CAS and make their hair shaggier and more unkempt.
  29. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  30. You’re going stir-crazy. Accept the next offer to go out, even if you have to pay.
  31. Spend your entire next paycheck on useless decorative items.
  32. Your landlord sold the rental and now you have to move. Put all the furniture you purchased during gameplay into your household inventory and move, choosing the “sell furniture” option.
  33. If you wear glasses, you just broke them. Smooth move, butterfingers! Remove $50, and change your sim’s glasses in CAS.
  34. Your child refuses to do their homework for the next three sim days.
  35. Your child traded their finished school project for a toy. Sell your sim’s project through their inventory and then purchase a toy.
  36. Your child searched for discarded toys in the trash.
  37. Go to a community lot with a fountain and either toss a coin or put soap in it.
  38. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  39. Your significant other moves in with you. They are allowed to hold a part-time job/s. They may bring $1000 with them.
  40. You break up with your significant other. If they live with you, they must move out.
  41. You find a roommate on Craigslist. Move a homeless townie into your sim’s home via manage worlds. They may have a part time job, and you may not keep any of the $20,000 they bring.
  42. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  43. Argue or be mean with someone who lives with you.
  44. You tried to sell an action figure on eBay and got scammed. Remove $20.
  45. Adopt a pet.
  46. Your landlord renovated the rental with a higher quality kitchen! Unfortunately, this means the rent has gone up. Cheat to add $5000 and use the entire sum to renovate the kitchen.
  47. Your child used your bank card to buy a toy or a voidcritter card.
  48. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  49. You take in a teenage relative or friend. They bring no money and cannot hold a job. They will stay with you until their young adult birthday.
  50. Self-publish a fan-fiction.
  51. Sell all the flowers in your inventory.
  52. Tempers are flaring and everyone in your house is a plumhole. Add Mean Vibe to your lot traits.
  53. You find $5 in the street. Keep those eyes on the ground. Add $5.
  54. Mental Health Day! Take a vacation day from all jobs and work on your sim’s needs.
  55. You buy into an MLM scheme. Purchase 7 of the same type of decorative item. Sell one for 25% markup. Keep the rest in your sim’s home for a week. At the end of the week, sell them back to the catalog and delete the money your sim received from them.
  56. The next time an appliance breaks, you need to look up how to fix it on youtube. Your sim may repair the item after doing computer research.
  57. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  58. You find $20 in the street. Keep that head down! Add $20.
  59. Your boss is a plumhole! Quit a job. Do not replace that job for 3 days.
  60. Eat only peanut butter sandwiches for the next three days.
  61. You find $5 in a public phone booth. You only went to look so you could get a selfie with the Tardis. Add $5.
  62. Your home is gross because you are constantly at work and never have time to clean. Add the “Filthy” lot trait.
  63. Someone you vaguely know has died because they did not have insurance and didn’t go to the ER when they had a heart attack. Use cheats to kill one of your sim’s acquaintances.
  64. You have a power outage. Add “off the Grid” to your lot traits for 24 hours.
  65. If you have over $700, you are going to blow it on a vacation or a trip to the spa.
  66. There seems to be something in the water. Add the lot trait “On Ley Line” for one week.
  67. Uh oh, you’re pregnant or have gotten someone pregnant. If you have $750, you can choose whether to have the baby. If you do not have the money, the baby will be staying with you.
  68. You’re having an existential crisis. Is this all there is to life? Quit all jobs and work on an artistic skill. Do not replace your job/s for 3 days.
  69. Tip a golden astronaut/cowboy in San Myshuno. This will unlock the costume. Put the costume on via CAS and work for tips.
  70. Enter a karaoke contest. They are held in karaoke bars on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8pm.
  71. Do you have a pet? Your landlord found it and now you have to pay a pet deposit. Remove $200 for every pet.
  72. You dropped your phone in the toilet and the bag of rice trick didn’t work. Do not use your phone for 24 hours and remove $100.
  73. There is *something* dead in the crawlspace and your landlord is on vacation in Selvadorada. Add the “Grody” lot trait for 3 days.
  74. A co-worker quit and now you have to pick up the slack. Make your sim work hard all shift.
  75. Do you have a couch or chair? You found cash in the couch cushions. Add $20. If not, add nothing.
  76. New day, new sim! It’s finally time to get into shape! Make your sim work out for two hours.
  77. Employer is now requiring a certification for you to keep your job. Your next free time will be spent at the library having your sim raise two skills.
  78. Unexpected bridal shower/baby shower/wedding/birthday/retirement party. Your sim must give a gift to a friend or family member, and it must be appropriate. No carrots.
  79. Your debit card was stolen! Remove $100.
  80. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  81. Your manager decided to cut hours. Make your sim leave work two hours early.
  82. Lost your phone charger. Cannot use the phone for a day. Deduct $10 for new charger.
  83. Your landlord is raising the rent because they can and they’re a plumhole. Cheat a $5000 decorative item into your household inventory.
  84. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  85. Unexpected medical expenses! Remove $350.
  86. You feel uncoordinated and inflexible. Buy a yoga mat and work on the wellness skill for two hours.
  87. You’re tired but you haven’t seen your friends or family in ages. Accept the next offer to go out.
  88. Everything in your bedroom has been repossessed because you bought it at the shady Rent-To-Own store. Sell your bedroom set back to the catalog and delete the money you received for it.
  89. Your boss stole all your tips, which is illegal, but what are you going to do about it? Hire a lawyer? Remove $75.
  90. You do not win a scratch-off. Remove $5.
  91. You have to find another daycare. If you have a baby or toddler, your sim must stay home from work.
  92. Your manager cut your shift. Have your sim stay home from work today. Do not use a vacation day.
  93. Your manager has incorrectly classified you as an Independent Contractor. Add $200 now, but your sim receives nothing on the next occurring Tax Day.
  94. You are being audited because the IRS finds it easier and cheaper to audit the poor. Remove $100.
  95. Finally, you get a break. Remove a negative lot trait.
  96. Tax breaks for the rich are permanent, but tax breaks for us lesser beings expire. From now on, your sim only receives $500 on Tax Day.
  97. Unexpected medical expenses! Remove $500.
  98. You need a new winter coat. Remove $100, and then give your sim a new outfit in CAS.
  99. Go to a restaurant or café with a friend or family member.
  100. Living with this amount of stress has taken a toll on your body. Age your sim up.

The Fourth Wall: Let’s Talk About Unreliable Narrators

09-06-18_8-59-19 AM

Geeta makes a cake; the smell slides through the vents in my apartment, warm and cloying.

09-06-18_9-00-44 AM

The cake is vanilla.

I hate vanilla. I’m more of a hamburger cake guy. I know I’m not the one organizing or planning this wedding, because I don’t care, but couldn’t she cater more to my tastes?

That’s what a good wife does.

09-08-18_6-36-28 PM

She calls me but I don’t pick up. I know why she’s calling anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

09-02-18_10-06-39 AM

I mean, I got things to do.

09-08-18_6-49-54 PM

Like visiting the museum in order to, ahem, top up my finances.

09-08-18_7-02-09 PM09-08-18_7-04-02 PM

There’s also the karaoke bar, where my mom’s giving free drinks. They turned out to be  free drinks of water. Thanks, mom.

09-08-18_7-04-38 PM

Know who I am: an avowed and unrepentant liar who will make my wrongdoings everyone else’s fault. I am probably just like your ex, Kevin. There’s a reason why he’s your ex.

I am telling you a true thing.

09-06-18_9-03-11 AM

Here is another true thing: Geeta is controlling. She didn’t even ask me about the cake flavor.

09-06-18_9-07-03 AM

So she gets what she gets.

09-06-18_9-07-24 AM

A groomless wedding.

An unreliable narrator tells you some things that are true and some things that are false.  But they show you who they are in their actions.

The unreliable narrator is one of those concepts that we all think is easy to grasp. The narrator is crazy, so she’s unreliable. The narrator’s a liar, so he’s unreliable. But it’s rarely so cut and dry. It’s been sixty years since Lolita was published, and some of us are still arguing whether Humbert Humbert is an unreliable narrator. Doesn’t Humbert tell the reader the truth: that he is attracted to underage girls, that he purposefully infiltrated the Haze home in order to get closer to twelve-year-old Dolores, that he kidnapped her after her mother conveniently died in order to rape her repeatedly?

Is a truth-telling monster therefore reliable?

Can the reader trust what the monster has to say?

09-08-18_7-18-07 PM

I’m different, though. I’m no monster. I’m not punishing Geeta for not catering to my every whim. I just got caught up in the moment.

But Humbert is a piece of work.

Consider the entire reason for Humbert’s confessional: He is in prison for murder, and his lawyer has urged him to write out his side of the story. He is looking for sympathy. And when you believe Humbert when he says that Dolores Haze seduced him–that it is somehow her fault a man nearly thrice her age kidnapped her and took her on a sex tour of cheap hotels–he has found his sympathy. When you believe, on Humbert’s word, that Dolores is a brat and an unsympathetic character because it’s her nature and not because she acts out due to her stepfather regularly raping her, he’s duped you.

It was easy for Humbert to dupe you, because he told some truths, and he told some lies, and the lies that he told are considered true in American society. Our society believes a 13-year-old can seduce a man in his thirties, rendering him somehow powerless to say “no.” Our society believes teen girls are brats by nature.

And so you believe the monster is playing it straight. The monster is reliable. The monster can be trusted to give us a true and accurate account.

Nabokov can’t count on you to see the clues he left in Humbert’s narrative: Humbert regularly lies to other characters. Humbert is seeking your sympathy despite his heinous confessions. Humbert is currently in jail.

The author of the unreliable narrator requires you to see through him. Otherwise, the author has just written asshole apologia.

But hey, at least you know there’s nothing to see through with me.

09-08-18_7-12-51 PM

I mean, was it so difficult for Geeta to ask me my preferences for something I already said I didn’t give a shit about? It’s her fault I’m here, really.

Not to mention, I did something good while I was out.

09-08-18_7-14-59 PM09-08-18_8-02-29 PM09-08-18_7-39-07 PM

I set up Geeta’s hopeless son, Raj. And that makes me right.

Right? Right.



Dethklok on the gallery:

10-16-18_4-02-55 PM.pngSkwisgaar Skwigelf taller than a tree

10-16-18_4-04-28 PMToki Wartooth not a bumblebee

10-12-18_11-02-11 AMWilliam Murderface Murderface Murderface

10-16-18_4-07-02 PM.pngPickles the Drummer doodily doo ding dong doodily doodily doo

10-16-18_4-01-21 PMNathan Explosion

Homeless Necromancer Challenge

Goals. A sim needs goals. Money is just not enough anymore.

Start out with a homeless sim of any age, any aspiration, and any combination of traits. For an extra challenge, choose an elder, because now it’s a race against death. Set money to 0.

Go to the Von Haunt Estate and befriend a ghost. Add the ghost to your household using the friendly “Invite to Household” interaction a cheat. The Von Haunt ghosts won’t move in with you unless you cheat. Never play as the ghost until you have ambrosia. You’ll need level 10 cooking skill, level 10 gourmet cooking skill, a death flower and an angel fish.

Your job is to raise the ghost from the dead.

  • You may not use running water or electrical appliances until you have built a structure.
  • You should only talk to ghosts. You’re not interested in the mortal world! Plus you don’t want anyone to know you are playing with the mortal veil.
  • If the ghost breaks something, sorry–you got to repair it. No repairmen for you! They might find out you’re a budding necromancer.
  • If you don’t have Get Together, you can make some ghosts for your sim to befriend, or you can wait for ghost night at the bar.

Sounds simple enough? Off we go!

09-18-18_10-13-50 AM

This is  Timothy Delgato, the kleptomaniac son of Pierce Delgato and Luna Villareal. Everyone he knows is dead. He has no money, no skills, and no satisfaction points. Timothy is already halfway through the young adult life stage. Time’s a-wastin’ Sonny boy.

09-18-18_10-25-33 AM

Timothy introduces himself to Bernard, the Lord of Shalott. Didn’t know they dressed like that in the 19th century.

09-18-18_10-48-09 AM

Looking for an angelfish.

09-18-18_10-50-55 AM09-18-18_10-54-33 AM

Still looking.

09-18-18_11-06-41 AM

First foray into cooking.

Timothy is not off to a good start. He’s starting to get lonely; maybe it’s time to visit the Von Haunt estate again.

The Fourth Wall: Let’s Talk About Why Stories Matter

09-06-18_7-12-59 PM.pngHere’s a story: Boys without a good male role model are more prone to participate in criminal activity.

09-06-18_7-15-46 PMHere’s another story: In Mr. Water’s sixth grade history class, you are assigned the dreaded family history project. Where do you come from? Germany? Indonesia? Bulgaria? You know your mom’s side but you don’t know anything about your dad’s, because you don’t know who your dad is. Your birth certificate says your father is unknown. Your mom, well, she’s no help. It was a dark time, she says. I don’t want to dig up the bones, she says.

She always says that: she doesn’t want to dig up the bones. You thought that meant your father was dead.

So you order a DNA testing kit from Ancestry. When the results come in, you see it’s connected you to a man named Nathan Broadmoar. 99% chance he is a close relative, like a father. You search his name on Facebook; it’s easy to find him. He has your large nose and red hair. Or rather, you have his. He lives in your town.

You stare at this man’s photos: a Christmas portrait with his wife and two daughters, one older than you, one younger; him on a Harley Davidson; him at the beach, his oldest daughter burying him in the sand; him and his wife by the pool, wineglasses in hand. His anniversary? Probably. Nathan Broadmoar is a family man.

Just not this family. Just not the Pikes. Just not you.

You know why. You’ve always known it, honestly. He didn’t want you because you were wrong. You’ve always felt the wrongness inside you, the anger bubbling up from your guts, spreading through your fingers. The impulse to throw yourself from the roof, to slice your palm with the knife and watch the blood pool in your palm. The unrelenting, nagging urge to take and to keep.

Mom was right. You shouldn’t have dug up the bones.

09-06-18_7-16-23 PM.pngNone of this is true, of course. You have to remember, not only am I a bundle of pixels created expressly for mischief, I’m also a liar. But which story sticks with you?

People respond to stories, not statistics. Perhaps we shouldn’t. Perhaps we’d all be better off if our brains were wired to respond to statistics instead. But they’re not and we don’t.  We respond to stories, and culture is filled with stories. It’s what we do.

09-02-18_11-26-18 AM.pngWhat stories have you heard about the Rasoyas? Let me guess–Raj is weird, he wanders uninvited into other sims’ apartments. There are woo-hoo noises late at night, but only Geeta and Raj are home. Geeta is always telling other sims to keep it down, even though she is far noisier than them.

Your perception of the Rasoyas, based on countless stories in the forums, shapes how you treat them.  You make them enemies, or you ignore them, or you hand-buzzer Raj until he wets himself. No one breeds their sims with Raj, like they do with Salim or Akira. No, Raj dies alone.

09-02-18_11-31-01 AM
Raj’s existential angst intensifies.

It’s possible Raj has some really good genetics hidden…somewhere. But hardly anyone knows. It’s ridiculously easy to make friends with the Rasoyas, but hardly anyone does it.

Look at how these simple stories affected your gameplay. Stories are power.

09-02-18_11-30-25 AMWould it interest you to know that before I befriended Raj, his best friend was the toilet? Or that he’s an accomplished chef? Or that maybe he’s not so good socially, but he is genuinely happy despite that?

09-02-18_9-59-39 AM

Here’s a story: There are rats in my cheap-ass apartment.

09-02-18_10-02-12 AM

The landlord says, “So what? Buy poison.” And I do, but the fact is, I don’t want this apartment. I want the Rasoyas’ place.

09-02-18_9-49-36 AM09-02-18_9-52-22 AM09-02-18_10-18-46 AM09-02-18_10-19-41 AM09-02-18_10-22-49 AM09-02-18_11-37-14 AM09-02-18_11-39-10 AM09-02-18_11-39-46 AM09-02-18_9-46-26 AM

The fact is, I’m going to have what I want.

An Incel in Putin’s Playhouse: The Chadly Ascension of Tyler Teague

08-31-18_1-13-43 PM

Now that Tyler’s moved on up to the east side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky, he could not be happier. He is a little wary because of all the  roommates, but that’s probably just how chads live. Communally.  Tyler lives in a commune of chads!

He finally got a piece  of the pie.

08-31-18_1-15-58 PM

But Tyler isn’t the only newbie in the house. No! Meet Duncan Hunter, low-level Republican representative currently under investigation for campaign finance fraud (shocker, I know). He had to secure new lodgings because he threw his wife under that investigatory bus.  Poor Duncan! It’s so difficult being a corrupt, thieving, criminal liar.

08-31-18_1-20-04 PM

To console Duncan, Daddy Putin gives him a campaign donation.

08-31-18_1-20-58 PM

Oh, wait, no,  that was the fart-in-a-box.

08-31-18_1-21-18 PM

Vladimir thought it was funny, anyway. What’s the matter, Duncan? Can’t you take a joke?

08-31-18_1-22-56 PM

Tyler grabs a drink and wanders his new apartment because that’s what chads do, right?

07-29-18_1-25-44 PM

It’s what Vladimir did at Tyler’s apartment.

08-31-18_2-04-18 PM

Tyler watches Paul Ryan interact with the family hamster-thing.

08-31-18_2-04-46 PM

It’s not impressed.

08-31-18_2-23-16 PM

Jared Kushner breaks the coffee maker because he’s not bright.

08-31-18_2-15-57 PM

Duncan Hunter has taken up video gaming. Wonder if he’s playing with his $1500 worth of Steam games he charged to his campaign.

08-31-18_1-39-39 PM

Tyler reads Vladimir some love poetry.

08-31-18_1-44-03 PM

Tyler asks Vladimir to be his boyfriend and Vladimir says yes! That’s it! The last one! Tyler has ascended to chad status!


I made Tyler a gif to commemorate the occasion. Congratulations, Tyler. You did it!

08-31-18_1-49-40 PM08-31-18_1-50-36 PM08-31-18_1-57-35 PM

Tyler is feeling fulfilled after a closet romp.

08-31-18_1-59-59 PM

Vladimir tires easily of his boy toys, and decides to lock the closet door to keep Tyler out of his way.

08-31-18_2-02-02 PM

“Wait, what?” Tyler rattles the door knob. “Vlad? Vladimir?” Tyler receives no answer. Only silence.

08-31-18_2-02-44 PM

Tyler tries to call the one woman who will always love him, his mother. But it goes straight to voicemail. “Mom?” Tyler cries, unable to keep  his desperation out of his voice, “Vladimir Putin has me locked in a closet. Mom,  I need you. Pick up, Mom.”


08-31-18_1-46-10 PM.png

No one seems to care about Tyler’s plight. Not his daughters. Not the other chads.  Certainly not Vladimir.

Other things are going on, such as the hundred notifications I just got claiming that Jared Kushner is burning to death.

08-31-18_2-18-06 PM

Let’s go  over this line of thinking, Jared. In someone else’s episode, you decided to drink hot coffee.

08-31-18_2-21-41 PM

And hang out in a bedroom with a lit fireplace.

08-31-18_2-29-04 PM

During a heatwave.

08-31-18_2-29-30 PM


08-31-18_2-31-05 PM

Jared Kushner killed himself. I guess he was tired of  waiting for Vladimir to do it.


08-31-18_2-25-08 PM

In all the excitement, everyone has forgotten Tyler. He wets himself.

08-31-18_2-10-37 PM

He passes out from exhaustion.

08-31-18_7-38-35 PM

Finally, he dies of starvation, in a puddle of his own piss.

And so Tyler Teague, first of his name, slayer of puss, actual ascended chad, comes to his end. You did it, Tyler. You will be mourned by no one as you pass through the afterlife.


19 Kids Cult Challenge Wrap Up

06-23-18_12-32-21 PM

Overall, I spent about 60-70 hours with the delightful Colt Smugger and his charming family. Some thoughts:

06-22-18_11-05-00 AM.png

  1. Without a doubt, the screeching of the Sims 4 infant is the worst  sound in the universe.

08-07-18_5-16-23 PM

2. Colt really, really enjoys being a cult  leader.

06-27-18_10-25-15 AM

3. No one in Sim-world is lactose intolerant. Grilled Cheese for everyone!

07-10-18_9-47-43 AM

4. To find time for exercise, you have to learn to let other stuff go.

07-04-18_5-25-02 PM

5. Cult-raised kids develop issues.

07-09-18_9-35-28 PM

6. Especially girls.

07-11-18_3-05-08 PM

7. Sometimes things happen that no one would believe. People should believe, but they don’t.

07-11-18_2-11-47 PM

8. Many suitors that come sniffing around cult-raised girls are inappropriate and abusive. They know if they put up a good mask in front of the cult’s men, they can abuse the girls to their heart’s content.

07-13-18_5-56-32 PM

9. Sick? Tired? Doesn’t matter. Fulfill your cult duty.

07-08-18_7-44-15 PM.png

10. Sometimes you want to stand up and leave, but you find you’re locked in.

Bonus: I will never again play with laundry. Fuck laundry.